Email Marketing CampaignAstoundingly, latest stats released reveal that more companies are using FaceBook pages to promote their business than use Email marketing. Almost half [48%] of small businesses currently use Facebook Marketing, compared to 43% using Email marketing.  [Source: BIA/Kelsey's Local Commerce Monitor].

So, given that Email marketing has been around a lot longer and is still widely considered the most effective way to market online, what is the reason?

Well, apparently, the Number One reason why businesses give up on their Email marketing is the fact that it is not bringing them Results.

… Is that you, are you finding your Email marketing campaigns are lack-lustre at best? If so then you need to read on …  Email Marketing Campaign

5 Email Marketing Tips To Kickstart Your Email Marketing Campaign:

1. Use an Auroresponder or Real ESP (Email Service Provider)

NEVER send emails to your list from your regular email account. Why? Because unless you are sending each one individually, they will like as not end up in the Spam folder and never get read.

Also, for maximum response, every email you send should be personalised. An autoresponder will do that for you automatically, without you having to waste hours personalising each one.

2. Send out ‘normal’ looking emails:

Yes, fully customised HTML newsletters may look very fancy and professional but there are 2 problems:

a) Many standard accounts (Gmail being probably the biggest) automatically remove the HTML, so when your customer opens up that super snazzy email you spent ages formatting, instead of seeing those pictures, logos and fancy headings, all they see are empty boxes with a red cross in.

… That’s not impressive – that’s annoying.

b) The primary aim of your email campaign should be to help build the ‘Know, Like & Trust factor’. Think about it, what is your favourite kind of email to receive? Probably the one that comes from a friend. How do normal people send emails – in plain text or html?? What’s your first reaction when you open a snazzy email? Friend or ‘What Are They Trying To Sell Me’? Your customer feels the same way.

3. Check For “Spammability”

Certain words automatically trigger email providers to send email to ‘Spam’. Get to know these words and make sure you keep them out of your copy! (For more on this, plus a great tip to test whether your email will pass the “spammability” test see this 2 min video: “Tips on How To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns" )

4. Email Regularly

Many people are fearful of sending out too many emails for fear of putting off customers. This is just about the worst approach you can take. Firstly, as human beings, we like predictability and routine. If you train your email list to expect an email from you at 9am every Monday morning, that is what they will come to expect. And provided you give great content, they will be waiting for your mail. Secondly, if you only send out emails when you are selling something, your customers will very quickly get to realise this fact and will learn to dump your unopened email in the trash pronto! To get round this, always use the 80/20 rule. As a general rule of thumb: 80% of your emails should be pure content, tips and valuable advice. Do that and the other 20% of the time, you can slip in links promoting a great offer that you think may be of value to them and lead them to your sales page. (For more advice on how to do that watch part 2 in the series).

5. Tweak, Test, Perfect’

Study your reports and email analytics and use this analysis to guide you going forward. For example, if you notice your email opening rate is not very high on a particular email, try sending the same email with a different headline. If you notice you have a great email opening rate but hardly anyone ever clicks through to learn more about your offer, try tweaking where the link appears on your page or look to check you are not trying to sell directly from the email (classic mistake).

email marketing campaign

The key is always, always, always split-test your email (create 2 versions and send version 1 to half your customers and version 2 to the other half. Note which email gets the better response and use that template as a basis to craft your next email). Do this and the only possible outcome is for your email marketing campaigns is for them to improve & yield better results for you over time.

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