Basics of MarketingHave you ever spent a ton of money running an advert with no idea of whether or not it would be successful before you started? Or maybe you have spent a ton of time driving traffic to your website with no response? Welcome to the 3 Cardinal Sins that we all tend to make when we start off learning how to market … And learn how to avoid them!



The 3 Cardinal Sins That We Make As Novice Marketers

1) Starting our marketing at the 'above ground' level – i.e, the level of advertising, without building our "marketing foundations" first.

2) Blindly advertising or driving traffic to your website without testing and measuring the response you are likely to get first.

3) Repeating your advertising or continuing with the same form of marketing when it isn't working. Blindly hoping that you will get a better response or more results next time.

I hope you now have a better idea of how to approach your advertising so you can save time and money by avoiding costly advertising strategies until you are confident they are going to work for you.

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