Trevor & Mandy Swift


A big Hello & Welcome Back from me… It's been ages I know and I apologise… !!

So whatever happened that made me suddenly go from blogging regularly twice a week to not even one single blog post in over two months…

Well, quite a lot of things – exciting things, well for me anyway! Allow me to briefly expand (and indulge).

First off, we got married. (We being, Trev – my brand new 'husband' and myself) Well, I say 'brand new' but we have actually officially been husband and wife for 51 days now … still getting used to calling him 'husband' though, seems a little alien but it's great for getting jobs done… I just prefix every request with "Oooh Husband," and miraculously things get done! Not sure how much longer that is going to last mind … I suspect not very much longer once he gets to read this post! Ah, well, nice while it lasted!

We do like to do things by extremes, so we claim ownership to possibly the longest 'engagement' in history – we were engaged for 18 years (yes, that was years, not months…) and lived together for 16 of those … Well a girl does like to be sure you know! Then when we finally decided to pass 'Go', we organised the entire thing, start to finish in 2 weeks… absolutely amazing, still reeling from all the people who turned up with such short notice. By the way, there's a marketing lesson in there:

Marketing Takeaway number one – if you want to do things FAST and get RESULTS, do it by Video! We didn't have time to send out regular print invites, so I decided to invite everybody by video email. The reaction was amazing, people thought it was really different and very special (I basked in the glory for a little while, then owned up to the fact that I really only did it to save time… but it was great fun making it.) Next time you are sending out invites to something, try sending it by video and see what happens. If you want any inspiration, you can view the wedding invite video here.

By the way, if you need any proof that we really did get married – here it is!

Trevor & Mandy Swift - Wedding

Well, ok, I hear you say, that's great Mandy but getting married only takes a day, plus give or take a couple of weeks for the honeymoon and a bit of preparation time, that's still only 3-4 weeks max. What about the other 4 weeks???

Great question… I'm glad you asked!

Well, the first thing I did when I came back was look at everything with fresh eyes – that's the best thing about stepping away from your business – you get to come back with a fresh pair of eyes (… I also came back to an inbox with over 1000 emails but that's another story!!…)

Marketing takeaway number two: Make sure you take a couple of weeks out – I mean Completely OUT of your business once in a while – even grab yourself a new husband if you feel the need – when you come back you will have a completely different focus, a completely new perspective on how your business looks to others, I promise. (That last bit about finding a new husband was a joke by the way, don't really do that… unless you feel the need…)

So what did I discover? Well, first and foremost, that my online marketing and online video courses were in desperate need of revamping but more importantly, my hatred of technology and 'boring' things like seeing a job through from start to finish, including all the 'details' meant that I had never bothered to load my courses onto my blog… How absolutely Ridiculous, I hear you cry, are you Mad … well, not completely but a serial procrastinator, yes, obviously.

(I have confessed to being a 'big picture' kind of a gal before, and I always believe in working with your strengths but you know, there are times when working with your 'strengths' only can be a serious setback). So, for the other 4 weeks, I put my head down, completely revamped my courses, plus my main site, (still waiting on my web designer to completely finish that one but at least the work is done at my end…)

Marketing takeaway number three: What's your 'weakest link'? What is the one thing you have been procrastinating over for the longest? What is the smallest thing you could do today that would have the biggest impact on your business? … I'm willing to bet, that 'small thing' may also be the thing that will get you the biggest results in your business, if you could be bothered to actually get out there and do it … So, if that sounds like you, then it's time to GET OUT THERE and GET IT DONE (I can say that now cos I'm feeling smug that I got over my procrastinating! …)

By the way, if you need proof that I really did use the time to totally recreate my online marketing courses, here's it is!

New Courses –

Online Marketing Mastery

Video Marketing Made Simple

Biggest marketing takeaway from all this?? Vacate, refresh, return, revamp then get out their and kick butt … first your own, then other people's!

Anyway, whatever, I am back now and feeling great that I finally managed to get over my serial procrastination… not sure about all those emails though, still procrastinating about that one… they are closer to 2000 now….

What are you feeling smug about in your business this week? Or what most deserves a mention? Drop down and leave me a comment below, I'll be happy to celebrate with you πŸ™‚

Happy Marketing,