a business successfulProbably the Biggest question we all have when we first start out in business is:  " How Do I Know If My Business Is Going To Be A Success?"

 Now obviously, there are many factors governing the success or failure of any individual or venture.

 However, those of you that know me, know that I passionately believe your success is founded on two key principles: Marketing + Mindset

When we are talking about Mindset, the key areas we need to know are Purpose + Passion.

  … What is your Purpose ?  Why are you doing what you are doing (Hint: It is never about the money!)

  … What is your Passion? – What is you truly love to do. What 'lights your fire'? What are your biggest drivers?

Now the real key is to find the intersection – the point where you Purpose and your Passion meet  – That is your "Sweetspot". Find that and you will have found your area of maximum Strength & Value.

  … NOW you are standing at the gateway of  your Success! …

Passion however, whilst a pre-requisite, is not enough to drive success. Passion simply means you will enjoy running your hobby. It does not mean you will be able to create a successful business. Without understanding the key principles of Marketing, your hobby may never make it into the marketplace…



So there you have it,

Here are the 4 Key Criteria you can use to evaluate how successful your business is likely to be:

 1) Your Level of Desire In Your Topic

2) The Level of Demand In Your Market Place (Your Competition)

3) The Level of Emotion Driving your Buyers

4) Understanding & Conveying Your Unique Value (Your UVP – Unique Value Proposition)


Happy Marketing,

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