Twitter noiseOk, so you decide to get yourself a Twitter account and add ‘twitter marketing’ to your ever growing list of marketing tactics, 'cos you’ve heard it is great for business. So far so good.

Now you go out there and start putting out some great tweets, real juicy little snippets to catch people’s attention, pique their curiosity and get them tweeting back at you and even retweeting your great content. So far so good.

You start taking up Twitter’s suggestions of people to follow, and using tools like ‘Twellow’ to find other like-minded people in your niche to connect with and share content with. And some of these people start following you back. So far so good.

And slowly your list of followers starts to grow. So far so good.

Then slowly, insidiously, almost without you noticing at first, then quickly like a giant snowball gaining momentum and snowballing out of control ….WOOOSSH, it happens! Suddenly, ever time you dare toTwitter noise1 take a peak at ‘The Twitter’ you are bombarded with such noise, so many tweets coming at you, you can’t possible take notice of them all, let alone attempt to stay on top of them all. And if you do try, you lose a minimum of half a day, not to mention most of your sanity, in there, just trying to figure it all out and make sense of the ‘who’s who’.

… It feels like an avalanche of noise and you are just one tiny, insignificant voice on the fringes peeking in going ‘Can anybody here me?’

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever wondered how people with 5000, 10-000 followers cope?

How does anyone ever get heard?? What do you do??

  How Do You Cope With All The Noise? …

… Well, the answer lies in Twitter’s great secret weapon: ‘Lists’

Now tTwitter noise2he beauty of lists is that they act as your private ‘sound booth’. You can go in and ‘filter out’ all the noise and have 'conversations' with the people you want to and 'know' who you are talking to based on their interests and which list they are in.

Sounds great on the surface, segregate everyone into little compartments and away you go. but how best to manage said ‘lists’ and how best to manage the ‘Autofollowers’ out there – the people who just use some twitter following tool to auto add a ton of followers onto their account each day?

After a lot of trial and error, a huge amount of wasted time and a few sleepless nights to boot, this is what I do:

(Now, I appreciate that for some of you, this may seem a bit long-winded but I feel that unless you want to contribute on some level to the conversation, you must be prepared to get to 'know' people, even on the tiniest 'cocktail party' level,otherwise there is no point. If, on the other hand, all you want to do is add to the general noise out there and in turn not be heard back, then no need to do any of this … I will just add you to my pile of ‘unlists’, and leave you there to languish … !)

I personally always subscribe to getting the email updates of new people who follow me, as they come in, I really quickly click on their profile link and check their bio. Then I add them to a list, based on who they say they are in their bio.

If they are completely way off target to my niche, (I get loads of ‘Real Estaters’ for some reason), or if I can't tell who they may be from their bio, their tweets are plain boring or if they are outright out for the self-promotion (you can always tell from the tweets on their profile page) then I just don't list them, or occasionally unfollow straight away.


('Unlisted' means I will never see you – you are just part of the 'noise' that is Twitter. Be an ‘Unlist’ at your peril! Have an interesting, relevant bio that engages people in some way at the beginning. Or go in directly and engage via a quick  retweet or an @-reply.) 

If I want to manage my follow/follower count, I can just go into unlisted (I also have a private list called 'Hit List' for the really annoying people) and ‘weed’ accordingly.

I personally use Hootsuite to view all my lists, there are other 'twitter ‘clients’ out there. You can also view your lists in Twitter itself but, personally speaking, it is a pain.

Hope that helps.

These are just my own private management ideas. I Would love to hear how you deal with things?? – Please leave me your comments below.

Looking forward to your tips – Have a great week Smile


Mandy Swift