Marketing MessageMarketing is all about Communication, So how do you craft your message so that people (a) Find your message, (b) Hear your message and (c) Act on your message?




So what are the Three Marketing 'M's?

  • Your 'M'arket
  • Your 'M'essage
  • Your 'M'edia
  • Your Market:

What segment of the market are you trying to target? The more clearly you can define your niche, the stronger your voice will be within that market place.

  • Your Message

Once you know your niche, you need to know what 'message' you are going to take to them. Understanding your niche makes it much easier to understand what 'language' to use and this makes crafting your message much easier.

  • Your Media

How are you going to reach your target audience? What channels can you use to effectively speak to them?

Once you understand th eanswers to these 3 questions, you will understand how to construct your marketing 'pyramid' to create a "marketing message" that your customers not only resonate with, they respond to.


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