growing your businessAs new marketers (or sometimes even as 'Old Timers'!), when we put on our 'marketing hats' and start really concentrating on ways to grow our business we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by all the different 'tactics' & we become bogged down by all the details.  This video post is all about stripping your business back to basics, 'chopping down the trees' so you can see the wood and helping you see more clearly which path you should be taking on your route to a bigger, better business.

The 3 Core Principles on "How To Grow Your Business"


 To Summarise:

  • There are only 2 ways to Grow Your Business

1) Get more leads/ contacts/ enquiries

2) Convert more of those leads into paying customers 

  • There are only 3 ways to Make More Money 

1) Get more clients

2) Sell more "stuff" to your existing clients

– Ask yourself these Key Questions:

– How can I provide more value to each client?

– What are their needs?

– How can I meet those needs and be of service?

3) Charge more for your products / Upsell to a bigger package


  • There are only 2 ways to Market Your Business – Offline & Online (these can be further subdivided into 'Paid' & 'Free')

– Clever marketers will ask themselves the question: How can I merge my offline and online strategies to create greater results?


Peeling back the layers to reveal these core basics of business building can sometimes provide real clarity in deciding which area of our business we most need to be concentrating on at any given time. And it can help direct our efforts by allowing us to put all our focus into that one area.

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