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Peter Simmonds

PS - testimonial for ctc - integrated marketing strategy
Mandy really does “cut the crap” when it comes to analysing your current marketing strategy and either developing a fresh approach or improving the current one.

No fluffy long-winded reports or theorising – if she thinks something is wrong or that you are wasting your time/energy /or money on nugatory marketing activities she will tell your directly.
Having identified and agreed with you with what needs to be done she sets about implementing improvements with gusto and a strong sense of urgency. In most cases the bedrock of the new strategy will be a new or updated website; Mandy will develop the overall marketing architecture prior to handing over to a web site designer to do the technical stuff.
She joins up all the dots between an online presence, branding, promotional material, advertising, social media and business networking. The end result is a holistic and coherent strategy instead of the patchwork quilt that so often arises when businesses employ different specialists independently of each other. Where applicable Mandy will bring everyone together to ensure everything is integrated.
Overall – great communications skills, an intuitive feel of what works in today’s marketplace for your product or service and a passion for helping businesses grow.

Peter Simmonds
The Eco Warehouse

Barbara Burgess

BB- testimonial for ctc marketing
As a small business owner I don’t have much time to spare and Mandy doesn’t waste any of that valuable time…

… (or pull any punches) getting to the bottom line with speed and razor sharp acuity. Her ‘Sort Me Out’ sessions show you straight away where you are missing the mark – thankfully she also has the solutions!

Barbara Burgess
Deja-view Hypnotherapy

James Auden

JA testimonial for CTC Marketing
Mandy’s company is well-named. She cuts through the complexity and confusion around marketing, “gets” what you do and what you need quickly.

She maps out the way forward to grow your business. If marketing isn’t your thing and you want to focus on what is, Mandy is worth her weight in gold.

James Auden
Corporate Communication Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Miranda Quinney

MQ- testimonial for CTC marketing
Mandy is superb to work with, intuitive with great creative ideas. I’d recommend her wholeheartedly.
Miranda Quinney
Miranda Quinney Storymaker

Alan Woolvett

AW- testimonial for CTC Marketing
Even though I had a clear idea in my mind as to what I wanted to achieve it was only during the process with Mandy that this became a structured way forward.

Really useful to be able to talk through all my ideas and plans and then have someone take an outside look and make sense of them at a cost effective price

Alan Woolvett
AW Consultancy

Wendy Harris

WH - testimonial for TC Marketing
I knew I could offer a good service but had no idea how to package it and then I met Mandy Swift…

Not only did Mandy totally ‘get me’ but she understood what I was trying to achieve and she really did ‘cut the crap’ giving my business the focus it needed.  I couldn’t be happier.

Wendy Harris
Harris Law Southwest

Peter Galgut

PG- testimonial for CTC Marketing
The strategy that has worked superbly, achieving the objective of bringing more people into my site and of course, generating more business for me.

When we started working together I was getting possibly 2 or 3 new customers (patients) through my website per year… Now it is on average 2 new patients per month, exactly in line with my target.
I would be happy to recommend Mandy to others who require a level of highly sophisticated and complex website work, and I shall be continuing to use her services myself in the future.

Peter Galgut
PG Periodontal Services

Danyah Miller

DM - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I really enjoy working with Mandy, she’s straightforward, professional and able to focus me on what really matters in my business.

She always goes the extra mile which makes a huge difference to me and it’s a pleasure to work with her.

Danyah Miller
Wizard Presents

Alan Woodward

AW - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I knew I needed to improve my marketing, but was unsure of what to do.

Mandy patiently walked me through the issues, analysing my existing marketing and website and, when I was ready, designed a new logo and a bespoke website for me. This was exactly what I needed to move my business forward. Highly recommended.

Alan Woodward
Woodwards Accounting

Louise Dobson

LD - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I wanted to get my business in front of the right people and engage more customers…

As a result of an initial 2-hour Strategy session, I was able to get a contract into a business in Honiton, through an existing HR Manager.
Mandy has given me so much more confidence and clarity around how I need to structure my marketing and market my business into the future, and how I need to structure each step to ensure I get into the right companies and meet with the right people.
I’m excited now because I can see now exactly how to grow my business. I’m happy to recommend Mandy’s support to any business looking to grow, she has been invaluable to me.

Louise Dobson
Hyperion People

Barry Blaker

BB - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I have had the opportunity to hear Mandy speak on several occasions to date.

Each time I come away with another nugget to help with business direction, marketing strategy or customer selection which have helped me to focus and improve the success of my business.

Barry Blaker
Blaker Project Services

Heatherbell Barlow

HB - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I love my landing page!

Thanks Mandy for being such a patient genius. It’s being great doing business with someone so approachable and understanding. I look forward to more brilliant ideas!

Heatherbell Barlow
Heatherbell Art

Stefan Thomas

ST - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I worked alongside Mandy as she put together a team of people to grow 4Networking in the southwest of England. Mandy’s ability to, cheerfully, inspire and motivate those around her was exceptional.

She has the unusual ability to be brilliant both at the top line stuff needed for a big project like launching a networking group, as well as the detail needed to ensure that everything runs to plan on the day.
Mandy is also exceptional on her feet as a speaker. Weaving plenty of real practical advice into her presentations, whilst delivering them in a fun, easy to digest way.
I look forward to working with Mandy again in the future.

Stefan Thomas
Business Networking Mentor & Speaker

Dominique Bailhache

DB -testimonial for CTC Marketing
Mandy’s knowledge and experience in marketing and creating an individual strategy for businesses is extremely impressive.

I have seen her as a public speaker a few times and her expertise and skills are clear throughout. Hearing Mandy present inspires you to bring her into your business and shake it up to increase your client base and succeed! Highly recommended.

Dominique Bailhache
The Passionate PA

Amanda Emily Reed

AR- testimonial for ctc marketing
Mandy is by far one of the most knowledgeable and professional people I have met with regards to online marketing strategies and video marketing strategies.

She is incredibly committed and passionate in everything she does and with the services she provides.
Her skills and support as an online marketing personal trainer have been invaluable and imperative for so many people who have come into contact with her, including myself.
I have no hesitation in recommending Mandy – you will be in amazing hands.

Amanda Emily Reed
NLP Success Coach, Holistic Healer

Anne-Marie Orrock

AM- testimonial for CTC marketing
You are in good hands with Mandy…

Mandy has an in depth knowledge of online marketing strategies, approaches and techniques that get results. She is committed to helping her clients understand how to structure a marketing campaign that is based on a solid strategy with purpose and defined outcomes and not a ‘hit & miss’ approach.

Anne-Marie Orrock
Managing Director, Corporate Canary HR Consulting

Dr Erica Goodstone

EG - testimonial for CTC marketing
Mandy Swift is a true marketer, teacher and coach.

She has a unique way of explaining complex marketing strategies that seem simple, succinct and easy to understand. If you are seeking help with your own online marketing, check out what Mandy has to offer. And by the way, you will really enjoy watching her videos.

Dr. Erica Goodstone
Relationship Healing Expert, Dr Erica Wellness

David Nieuwenhoven

DN - testimonial for CTC marketing
I first met Mandy at a conference in Costa Rica and was immediately taken by her enthusiasm and energy…

Since then we have shared many times on mentoring and motivational calls and training. Mandy is a bundle of energy and always brings plenty of excitement to whatever she participates in, shows total leadership skills plus the ability to think on her feet. “Warm” is the word I would use most to describe Mandy as she has a passion for everything she gets involved in.

David Nieuwenhoven
Sales Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards

KE- testimonial for ctc marketing
Mandy has the gift of communicating complex ideas in simple, direct language, with a sprinkle of humour thrown in.

This, coupled with an in-depth understanding of online marketing strategy, makes her an exceptional resource for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to reach more clients and grow their businesses online, working with someone they can really trust to ‘tell it like it is’ … Highly recommended.

Kerrianne Cartmer Edwards
Kick Ass Impact

Helen Lingard

Mandy has been where you are and so she is in a perfect position to help you get where you want to go.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Mandy. She injects both humour and a straight forward approach to her teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending Mandy to you. I got everything I came for with none of the ‘fluff’.

Helen Lingard
Inspirational Mentor for Single Parents

Samantha Jane Brook

SJB - testimonial for ctc marketing
Mandy is an outstanding 1-1 Mentoring coach showing people how to be successful in Business.

I would highly, strongly recommend that you work with Mandy for getting the best out of your Business. She has the magic gift of making you fully relaxed, plenty of laughter & more importantly, a friend for life.

Samantha Jane Brook
Network Marketer & Training Mentor, Building Blocks Success Tools

Julie Weishaar

JW - testimonial for ctc marketing
Mandy is a natural in front of a video camera. She doesn’t just “talk the talk” she “walks the walk” by SHOWING how to use video in your marketing.

Her video content is extremely helpful and valuable. Mandy truly is your “Online Marketing Personal Trainer” to help you get your business into shape – put simply, she knows what works!

Julie Weishaar
New Horizons 123

Judith Shuttleworth

JS - testimonial for CTC Marketing
I have worked with Mandy directly and indirectly over the last 3 years and if you are looking for an ‘online personal trainer’, then you won’t find anyone better.

Mandy is professional, delivers outstanding service to her clients and always stays goal focused whether she is putting together a marketing strategy or a more specialised video strategy. She will always go the ‘extra mile’ on whatever project she is working on and is truly a pleasure to work with.

Judith Shuttleworth
HOTS Web Outside the Square

Andy Medlam

I have done many courses online. But the value I got from just two hours with Mandy outweighed other courses I have paid a fortune for.

If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing!! The way in which Mandy communicates, coaches & gets you to think about your business in a different light is powerful… I’ve personally tried several online programs & it wasn’t until I plugged myself into Mandy’s system that I ‘Got It’…

Andy Medlam

Saz Bailey

Mandy brings her energy to daily coaching calls, never failing to offer timely, relevant and thought provoking nuggets of gold.

… that can make the difference to the success of your day and over time, your business.
Highly recommended.

Saz Bailey
Founder, Creative Commerce Ltd

Richard Cartmer

Nxtier Partnership Ltd
I’ve learnt a lot from Mandy and so will anyone who is serious about stepping up.

Champions have Personal trainers, that’s how they got there. And Mandy has the credentials to make anyone a Champion. I can’t recommend her too highly for anyone who is serious about stepping up

Richard Cartmer
Nxtier Partnership Ltd

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