Strategies-For-Branding & Your-BrandingWhen it comes to Your Branding & strategies for branding, there is always this temptation that we need to try and punch above our weight in order to compete with the "Big Boys". However for small business branding and online branding, nothing could be further from the truth … 




(Strategies For Branding) 

… What we need to do is forget "Big" and think "Personal". Small business branding and online branding is all about creating an authentic, personal message to our clients that conveys the essence of 'Who We Really Are' & allows us to create real relationships with our customers.

Forget the age of 'information marketing', we live in the age of 'relationship marketing.

Your branding and your small business branding marketing strategy is going to be most successful if your focus is YOU, not your business or your logo.


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