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One of the things I love about internet marketing and social media marketing is that there is always something new to learn. Out and about on my internet travels this week, I came across several social media tips that were new to me, so I thought I would wrap them all together in a blog post for you and hopefully you will go away having learned something too.

Social Media Tips



Always changing, always innovating, this week facebook finalised 2 things:
1) The introduction of video calling inside of facebook.
This was the week that the long awaited rumours finally became ‘public’ (co-incidence or perfect timing that facebook’s video chat co-incides with the lauch of Google + and the video chat feature inside of Google’s ‘hangouts’?) …Have you tried the new Facebook Video calling feature yet?? It looks amazingly easy, here’s the step-by-step instructions – Facebook Video Chat. For me, it just takes us one step closer to Cisco’s prediction that by 2014 90% of all the content we consume on the web will be video. (If you’re not yet communicating to your customers and clients via video, then “hurry up” cos time is running out!)
2) This was also the week that facebook finally phased out the tagging of ‘friends’ and personal profiles inside of your business page – even if those people have liked your page. For me, this is really bad. Sometimes I want to be able to be able to give credit to or say thank you to individuals, not just businesses, for sharing information with me and the way I did that was by tagging. But that is no longer possible (and this is the cool tip)
…. unless … you share something from a profile rather than just posting it directly to your page, in which case you can still use the tagging feature… for the time being. (I’m not sure whether tagging is still possible inside of notes and photos?? … That’s one to check out).
What about you? Non-tagging inside of business pages – Good or bad?

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I came across a great article on ‘How to Improve the SEO Value of Your Twitter Account’ (you can read more about these 7 great social media tips here) Some of the tips are obvious but did you know …
The type of followers you attract and the lists that you place them into both have an effect on your tweet ‘status’ and ranking in search engine land
… So make sure that you keep your account ‘clean’, i.e well weeded of ‘spam accounts’ and make sure that the names of your lists reflect the keywords you wish to rank for in your niche.

Social Media Marketing Strategy



Now this for me is the real gem and it’s the most exciting of the social media tips I found out this week. Have you ever wanted to load a video onto you-tube so that you can take advantage of the extra exposure, yet you don’t want the video on your website to say ‘you-tube’, you want something cleaner and more professional? Well now you can have both!

Want to Remove YouTube’s Logo on Embedded Videos? Here’s How

This tutorial will show you how to remove YouTube’s logo from YouTube embedded players and video embeds. You can now disable the YouTube watermark branding

I LOVE knowing this as sometimes I do not want a ‘you-tube’ branded video embedded on my business website, yet I do want the associated traffic. What do you think??

Social Media Tips



I don’t know about you but up until now LinkedIn has not been my ‘speciality subject’. I know enough just to get by. But after coming across this article 50 LinkedIn tips – many of which are awesome I now know a little bit more. Even if you are at the ‘just getting by’ stage, some of the tips you will already be familiar with (which is good cos it shortens the learning curve!) but did you know…
You can customise the generic links on your profile that say ‘blog’ and ‘website’ and give them a keyword rich title that not only helps with ranking but carries more meaning when your viewers and connections read them.
And, you can drag your profile information around the page so that the information you want to give more ‘weight’ to appears right in your viewer’s eyeline.
I think that’s pretty cool.
If you are not sure what I mean, click here and take a look at my profile Mandy Swift on LinkedIn and you’ll see how I customised my website and blog tabs. (Oh, and while you’re there, why not message me – use the ‘friend’ box and I’ll add you to my connections :))
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And here’s a bonus tip for your blog! Actually, it applies to everything you write, be it your blog post, article, advert or even social media status update. We all know that in order to get your content read, you need an attention grabbing headline. Yet we also know that sometimes the creative juices are just too slow to flow! So for those times when you’re lacking in the necessary inspiration, why not try out this Free Headline Generator. It will generate various headline options for you, based on 4 questions that it asks. Whilst it may not throw out your absolute perfect headline everytime, it will certainly get you close enough to the target that even ‘jaded juices’ can finish the job. And it will certainly help hone your copywriting skills by getting you to concentrate on the answer to the question ‘What is my main aim here?’
Give it a go here, and let me know what you think 🙂

Strategies for Social Media
So there you have it. This week’s learning in a nutshell!


Now it’s your turn! How about you?? What golden nuggets do you have to share with everyone or what was your favourite social media tip from the list above that you will be running off and implementing straight away?

Please take a second to leave me a comment – if only to let me know you are still alive out there – and if you like the post, please ‘like’ it and share it on!All appreciated,By the way, I shared all of these nuggets of learning as I came across them live on my facebook page. If you are not part of the conversation over there yet, I would love to include you. You can join us here:

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To Your Social Media Marketing Success,

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