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We all know that marketing online today is no longer about 'point & sell', it is all about relationship marketing. Online marketing now works in exactly the same way as face-to-face networking always has: it is about building relationships first and then doing business on the back of those strong 'know-like-trust' connections. But have you ever wondered about the role of Video Marketing in that relationship building process? How does it fit in and exactly why is it so powerful? Is it really necessary as a long-term relationship marketing strategy or is it just the latest 'marketing trend'?


Relationship Marketing – Why is Video Marketing so Powerful?


It's been said that in a virtual world, people crave authenticity above everything else and nowhere is that more true than in today's online marketing world.  We all know that business is built on the back of relationships. In the offline world, that relationship building process takes the form of networking and face-to-face business and client meetings. And in the online world, the old model of 20-page long red and yellow highlighted sales pages (anyone remember those?) has been replaced by social networking and 'face-to-face' video marketing.

So why exactly is video marketing so powerful in that whole process?

  • Well, the first reason is that today, more than ever before, people want to be able to look you in the eyes before they do business with you – it's basic human nature. We trust people who make eye contact with us above those people that don't and we feel that those people who hold our gaze have a genuine interest in what we have to say.  How often have you seen someone who can't hold eye contact with you and thought 'they look dodgy' or 'they're bored'? It's the same reason why parents always tell their children "Look at me when I am speaking to you!"

  • And the second reason is that it is very difficult to 'hide' behind a video. Video allows you to build trust and rapport so rapidly with your customers because it 'exposes' you. It allows your customers to see the 'real' you. And if that whole 'warts and all' approach scares you, then just ask yourself this question: "When I do business with somebody, do I want the polished 'sales page version' or do I want to know who they really are first"?

… And for those of you who may still be sat on the sidelines thinking "I couldn't possibly make a video, I'm too (…fill in the blank…)" I want to let you in on a secret…

I made this video for you especially with no make-up on (not something I'd normally feel comfortable doing) and my biggest phobia on camera is the fact that I have a crooked mouth and horrible hands… Err, excuse me, pardon? Why do I admit that to you here?  Because I'm fascinated to know whether you even noticed or cared. Please share with me 'yes' or 'no' in the comments box below. And if you answered "I never once focused on either of those things until you mentioned it", then you know you are more than safe to go ahead and make your own videos and your customers will love you for it because they are getting to see the 'real you'.

What are your views? Are you a video convert yet? What are the for's and against's of  video marketing for you? Is it an 'essential' part of relationship marketing online or do you hate video?

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