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Welcome to the first in our new series on "Video Marketing Secrets – the essential video marketing 'Do's' & 'Don'ts' for online video novices". Have you ever wondered what the perfect length for your video is? How do you keep your viewers attention if your video is a bit longer and what is so special about a two minute video versus a 20 minute video?

Assuming you have your video marketing strategy in place, you understand the purpose of your video and you have your target audience in mind, you are now ready to go start making your videos. The first potential hurdle for many people at this point is knowing how long their video should be.

There are many theories out there as to the perfect length for your online video. The truth is, there is no exact answer because the "perfect length" for your video depends on a number of factors. Here's my advice together with my reasons why:

[Online Video Marketing] – Video Marketing Secrets – Part One

Essentially your "perfect video" is as long as it needs to be and no more!

The exact length will depend primarily on two things:

  • Your message &
  • Your audience

It is going to be harder to get a 'new audience' to commit to pressing play if your video is too long. However, the flip side of that is that the purpose of your video must be to deliver content. If your video is too short then the content will be shallow and nobody wants to watch a video that doesn't deliver any real value.

To ensure your video is no longer than it needs to be you are going to have to be Ruthless. Listen back to your videos and edit out the redundancy. Especially when we start video marketing, there is a tendency to 'waffle', go off track or repeat things that don't need to be repeated. Make sure that if you are repeating a key phrase or idea it is because you want to emphasise the point, not just because you found yourself going round in circles!

Lastly, remember that the average person's sustained attention span is around 20 minutes, so for that reason if you are a content marketer or you are delivering tutorials to your audience in video format, then you are going to want to split your content into manageable bite-size chunks of around the 20-minute mark. Otherwise, no matter how great your content, you will find people drifting off and 'losing you'… You can always have a 'Continued in Part Two' if needs be πŸ™‚

What are your views? What is your ideal length of video to watch? What type of online video content do you prefer? – 'short, sharp snippets' or content that is a little more 'meaty'?

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