Marketing Basics - Stand Up & Stand OUT

Whether we are talking offline or online marketing, there are essentially three Marketing Basics that form the foundations of every successful marketing strategy out there. Get them right and you are half way to success. Get them wrong and your advertising will fall on deaf ears…


[Marketing Basics] – Stand Up & Stand Out


So what are those 3 Marketing Basics?

  • You
  • Your Audience
  • Your Message

You – You are your brand. Essentially, your Brand conveys the IDEA of what it is you stand for. And in today's market place, you need to make sure you Stand Up, Stand Out and, more importantly, stand FOR something. So understand what it is you stand For. What is it that makes you unique or different. Instead of getting hung up on the similarities between you and your competitors, play to your strengths and market your Differences… If there is no difference between you and somebody else, your customer will have two choices – stay with what they know or go to you because you are cheaper… not a good corner to have to fight your way out of. Especially as everybody knows that, most likely, confused customers do nothing. So what is it that makes you unique, different and more valuable than everyone else out there?

…And by the way, being different doesn't have to mean being 'whacky'. Imagine having an accountant who sat behind his desk, in his accountant's suit and sent you a video email. Is that whacky – no. Is it different? Well my accountant has never ever sent me a video email, what about yours?…

Your Audience – Forget about marketing to the masses. Today's marketing is all about marketing to just one person. Know who that person is, what it is they are looking for and the problem that keeps them awake at night. Once you understand this, you can market to them in a way that speaks directly to them. Provide the exact answer to their problem. Don't try and be some generic goldfish bowl. Aim to catch just one fish and you will be surprised how many other fish there are out there with exactly the same issues as that first one…

Your Message – Today's marketing, especially Online Marketing,  is all about Relationship Marketing. Give your customers a reason to follow You by providing them with great value content they would struggle to find anywhere else. Again, not just any old 'good content' but the exact answers to the problems your target audience are looking to solve. And then decide how you are going to provide that content in a way that makes you 'Stand Up and Stand OUT'?

So what ideas do you have?? What are your Top Three marketing basics or marketing foundations that you build the whole of your offline and online marketing strategies on?

I would love to hear your thoughts, additions or questions.

Just drop them into the comments box below, I promise to reply!

And in the meantime,

Happy Online Marketing,

Mandy Swift - Your Online & Video Marketing "Personal Trainer"