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I recently did an interview with Grant Crowell from on social video marketing and my top tips for making your social videos more "social" and so I thought I would share those tips with you here today. (If this is your first visit and you are wondering "What the heck is Social Video?", you can get the low down on the post I wrote here.)

I think the two biggest things holding people back from making more video (or plucking up the courage to appear on camera at all) are –

1) The fear of appearing on camera (like the first time you ever record your own answer phone message — and can't believe how bad your voice sounds…) And

2) The massive misconception that still prevails that says your video has to be 'perfect' before you dare unleash it on the world. And because 'perfect' seems a pretty tall order to meet, it remains the excuse that stops people from ever really getting going.

I did my best to bust those 2 myths for you in my last post 'What's the difference between a "Social Video" and a "Sales Video"?' So now that you're over those two hurdles, let me share with you my top 3 tips to ramp up your social video marketing, so you can create deeper connections and leverage the currency of social media via more 'likes' and 'shares'.


Social Video Marketing Tips


Top Tips to Ramp Up Your Social Video Marketing:

     1.   Forget the idea that you are 'preaching to the masses' and make your video to just one person… 

When you do this, several things happen –

a) you will mentally 'relax' because suddenly you do not have to be a 'genius' or a 'guru', you can just be a normal 'guy' or 'gal' passing on a few tips.

b) You will eliminate at least 80% of your 'on camera nerves' because suddenly, you don't have to 'stand on the big stage and perform', you can just be yourself.

c) You will come across more naturally and you'll look and sound more 'normal' because, hey, you are just talking like you would to one person…

     2.   Use Video Email…

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of communication out there. However, the big problem is that now it is such a crowded space, how do you make your email stand out??

The answer is Video Email. Not only will your email jump out a MILE to anyone looking through their inbox folder for interesting things to read, but you will be adding that personal touch by speaking directly to that person and, better still, communicating face-to-face.

So if you're not yet using online video email, then I highly recommend that you do … you are really missing a touch in terms of relationship building if you are not.

     3.   Just be 'normal'…

This is so important that I just can't stress it enough. Your viewers don't want to see some 'TV persona' of you, they want to see YOU — the Real you…

And never be afraid to make mistakes. People LOVE mistakes. Whole TV shows are made from just the mistakes, aka the 'out-takes', for goodness sake. Of course there is a fine line between sounding 'normal' and sounding like a blithering idiot but I bet that line is a lot further over than you think. When people speak, it has a totally different rhythm, syntax and 'error tolerance' than when they write. For example, spelling mistakes are considered 'sloppy', even in the most 'casual' of writing communities (for example, blogging). On the other hand, just try transcribing a video, even one that you are really in awe of, and you will see just how much 'verbal crap' there is.

My Top Tip, and the tip I would like to leave you with, is to train yourself to 'keep going'. Once you press play, keep going. Do not allow yourself the luxury of stopping and starting again. If you can train yourself to do this, very soon your brain will learn to adapt and become very adept at 'finishing sentences for you'. (Listen to the video above and you will see what I mean. There is one point where I thought "Oh my God, I can't think of anything to say … I've dug a hole and I have no idea how to finish this sentence…" I even had a mini 'fight' in my head as to whether I stopped and started again or whether I tried to carry on and 'rescue' it. When you listen to it back, there is a slight pause, that sounds quite 'normal' because we all make pauses naturally when we are speaking… yet I promise you, to me at the time that 'slight pause' until my brain came to the rescue, felt like about half an hour!!

So get going, keep going and Don't Stop!

What do you think? Social video or sales video? What tactics or strategies have worked best for you in your social video marketing efforts?

~ Smile, let go, and don't forget to leave me a comment below!

Happy Social Video Marketing,

Mandy Swift - Your Online & Video Marketing "Personal Trainer"

(ps, if you want to read the whole interview, you can catch it here: 'Social Video Marketing Exercises & Tricks From A Personal Trainer'