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Website testimonials are an extremely powerful "sales tool".

You've probably heard the phrase: "Facts Tell, Stories Sell" and that is certainly true of your customer testimonials. In essence, the testimonials on your website are the validation that you, your product or your service passes muster. Your testimonials are your customers' "success stories". However, just like anything else online, there is an 'Art and a Science' to getting great website testimonials, as you'll no doubt realise if you've ever tried asking your customers for one.

So let's take a look at why testimonials are so powerful and the three secrets to getting great website testimonials.

Why Are Website Testimonials So Powerful?

Testimonials are powerful for three reasons:

  • They act as Social Proof
  • They act as Third Party validation and endorse your product
  • They effectively sell your product for you, without you having to do any of the selling!

Good website testimonials will not only engage your potential clients, inspire them as to what they can achieve and give you a powerful third party endorsement, they also take away the need to "convince" clients to work with you by selling yourself to them.

That, coupled with the fact that they are FREE, probably makes them one of the most powerful online marketing tools available.

Think about it. What do you think is more likely to persuade you to buy? Someone telling you how great their product is or 6 of their customers raving about it… Of course.

A great website testimonial is essentially a "Success Story" that explains exactly why your product is so good and why other people should buy it. If a prospect has already read your Success Stories before they even get to talking to you they are already pre-sold into the idea of working with you.

So How Do You Get Your Customer To Give You A Great Website Testimonial?

Most new business owners have no idea how to get Success Stories from their clients and don't know how to structure them so they work for them, acting as 'silent sales people', pulling dozens of new clients in without them having to feel "salesy" or pushy.

Here are the 3 things you need to know about getting website testimonials that do the selling for you:

1.  Ask for them regularly. Ask all your current clients for a new Success Story once every 3 months to keep them up to date and fresh. And ask all your new clients at the point where they are starting to see really good results from your product or service.

2.  Have a list of questions for your clients to answer. The biggest reason business owners don't get any response when they ask for a testimonial is because they ask for a "testimonial". When you ask like that, people don't know what to say and put off doing it. Avoid this by instead asking them to answer questions that you can piece together to read as a Success Story.

3.  Follow a Set Structure. Success Stories that SELL tell a story that the reader can follow and be inspired by. You want to start with what made them seek out your services, what objections (if any) did they have to working with you, what has the process of working with you been like, and what has their best result been? This tells a story that the reader can identify themselves with and be inspired to believe if they work with you too they'll experience the same results.

Success Stories that don't follow this structure are hard to read, can be way too long and don't paint the picture you want them to in order for them to do the selling for you.

Lastly, remember, you can never have too many great website testimonials. Make it a priority to get new Success Stories and update your existing ones on a regular basis. Nothing looks worse than going to a website that has had the same tired and tatty testimonials hanging around since the website was built.

Once you start using Success Stories, you'll be using of the most powerful online marketing strategies ever. One that's guaranteed to get you more clients than you have now at NO cost to you and without you having to hard sell. And that's something that's got to be worth having 🙂

Have your say below. Have you ever struggled to get success stories from your customers? What tips and tricks do you have for getting great website testimonials?

Until next time,

Happy Online Marketing,

Mandy Swift - Your Online & Video Marketing "Personal Trainer"