The 'APCs' of Online Marketing

Is It Time You Went Back to Marketing Basics?

Those of you who know me, know that I am a huge fan of stripping everything 'back to basics' every once in a while so that you can assess whether you are still on the right road or whether you got pulled off-track by some new and shiny marketing 'tactic' that takes up a lot of time but doesn't really deliver any results. (We've all been down a few of those rabbit holes, right?) Going back to 'marketing basics' lets you  re-evaluate which skills you now have firmly under your belt and which new skills you maybe need to go out and acquire in order to shorten your marketing 'route to victory'.

This is exactly one of those posts and it follows on from my earlier post, "Are You Doing Too Much Online Marketing?" which was designed to help you streamline your marketing efforts by asking the question: "Which is the shortest road to market for my products or services and how can I be sure I am on that one?"

In this post we are going to redefine the core online marketing foundations that need to be in place and look at your online marketing 'APC's' (yes, that's a 'P' not a 'B')

"It's not the Action you take online that creates Results. It is how that action is connected to your overall Purpose and how effectively and strategically you are able to connect the two that creates results."

OK then, Back to Marketing Basics – where do you start?

Well, you could start by watching the video, (please leave me a comment it you do, lol!)


[Marketing Basics] – Understanding Your Online Marketing 'ABC'


So What are your marketing APC's?

A – Action

P – Purpose and Profits

C – Consistency, Clarity, Constancy

Like we already said, " It's not the action you take that creates your results", it's how that action is connected to your purpose".

So what is the overall purpose of your online marketing strategy? Well of course, you could have multiple aims —

  • Building credibility
  • Creating a brand legacy
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Fill in your own list here….

— But ultimately, if we are stripping it all back to basics, I would define the ultimate purpose of your marketing as something like:

"Connecting you to your clients and your profits in the shortest possible timeframe (by delivering consistent and outrageous value in a clear concise message that builds trust, rapport and clarity across all your platforms)."

Ok, now that's a bit of a mouthful, the important bit you need to memorise is the beginning statement. The stuff in brackets is the 'how'.

… What is the point of all our marketing efforts, if they don't achieve that purpose and deliver us more Clients, and therefore – more Profits?

Anything that is not doing that is essentially 'polyfilla'. It is the 'fluff' that makes you feel good (because you're busy) but it isn't achieving your purpose.

So, before you venture out there to take any kind of Action in your marketing – be it online or offline – remember to qualify that action by asking the all important question:

"Is that action going to move me any closer to my overall purpose  … And how can I do that as clearly and concisely as possible??

What do you think?

I know a lot of people disagreed with my previous post on the subject, arguing you can never do too much online marketing, and had some great insights to add. I'd love to know what you think. Wade in and have your say… It's your turn ๐Ÿ™‚

As always,

Happy Online Marketing,

~ Keep it simple and remember to strip it back to the marketing basics occasionally ๐Ÿ™‚

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