Effective Email Campaigns

Welcome back to the second in this series of how to create Effective Email Campaigns. Last time we looked at how to make sure your email actually made it into people's inboxes. (Didn't see Part 1? Click here: Effective Email Campaigns and How to Create Them). This time, let's take a look at how to get people to actually open your email, once you've managed to get it in front of them…


 How to Create Effective Email Campaigns – Part 2

So, with over 294 Billion emails being sent every day, how do you make sure Your's is the one that grabs your reader's attention enough to at least get opened?

Three Top Tips For Maximising Your Email Campaign Opening Rates:

#1 Create a Strong and Compelling Email Subject Line

… something that arouses curiosity and piques people's interest.

– A question is perfect

– A Top Tip

– Three Mistakes to avoid

#2 Provide Interesting & Valuable Content

– Get known for being 'Interesting' and people will wait for you. Get a reputation for being 'boring' and you will be straight in the bin!

– As the saying goes 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression…'. Make every email count.

#3 Make sure you only address One Key Point

– Make your emails short and punchy

– Use short blocks of text

– only address one key point or you will confuse and lose your readers.

Again, I hope that has helped you on your quest to bigger and better email marketing campaigns,

In the meantime

Happy Email Marketing,

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