Effective Email Campaigns

Welcome to the last in this series of how to create Effective Email Campaigns. Part 2 was all about how to get people to actually open your email, (Didn't see Part 2? Click here: Effective Email Campaigns – Getting Your Emails Opened). Today we look at the bit that is potentially going to make you money – how to get people to actually take action on your email once they have read it. And not just any old action but the action you had planned for them to take!


Effective Email Marketing Campaigns – Part 3

The key thing here is to know the point of your email.

So what is the point of your email campaign?

The point of your email campaign is not to sell… The point of your email campaign is to "Sell the Click".

So how do we use our email campaigns to 'sell' if we can't sell in our emails?

Email communication is all about just that – communication. It is to build that like, know and trust factor with your potential clients. As a rule of thumb, for every 10 emails you send, 8 should contain great content only or, even better, contain a personal message to that person catching up on where they are and how they are getting on since you last spoke to them. (You can still subtley 'sell' in these emails via your banner or general links round the periphery of the main message.) Then 2 of those 10 can be specifically aimed at 'selling the click'.

– In our  "sell the Click" emails,  the aim should be to get people to click on the link to access further information. So our email is in effect a 'teaser', designed to get people to 'click to find out more'.

Give people an interesting tip, one valuable piece of content, then give them the link to click on to learn more.

P.S – Remember to include the link in the P.S!

Our call to action (our 'click here' link) needs to be repeated at least  3 times. Including in the P.S.

I hope the tips in this series have helped you. If you have any further questions, drop them into the comments box below … and remember, if you found this advice valuable, Please take a second to share it on. I appreciate you.

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