Let’s start with the basics before we move on to specific Landing Page Tips

A Landing Page is essentially the first page your visitor ‘lands’ on when they arrive at your site. That may be the home page of your website. However, equally likely, it may be another page, either of your choosing, i.e. a page you have chosen to send dedicated portions of traffic to or a page as served up in in the organic listings by the search engines, depending on where they see the greatest keyword match and relevancy for your visitor.

Given that your landing page is likely to be your visitor’s first point of contact with you and your brand, it needs to compelling enough to capture their attention and make them want to stay. A strong compelling headline, a clear benefit statement and an immediate answer to the Question: “What’s in it for me” are going to be Key factors in the success (or not) of your landing page.

If you missed it first time round, you can learn more about Landing Page basics and the difference between landing pages and other web pages, here: “What’s The Difference Between A Landing Page & A Squeeze Page?”

So, back to today’s topic,
Landing Page Tips and How to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

There are a 101 ways in which you can experiment with and improve upon your landing page conversion rates. The key thing, as with any form of online marketing strategy and, in particular, website marketing strategy, is to Split-Test your results so you can measure what’s working and what’s not. Unfortunately, looks alone are a very poor indicator of actual performance.
Here are 5 landing page tips to get you started on your experiments 🙂
1) Give them a ‘try before you buy’ option.

Even for the freebie. The internet is awash with free content these days. Every Joe Average (and even ‘Below Average’) has something to give away for free. So give them the chance to experience the quality of your offering before they commit to the click.

How? Offer a free chapter of your e-book without asking for their email or some great content upfront that makes them go ‘wow, I must subscribe to This….’

2) Provide extra value on the ‘thank you’ page

… “Giving something away for free is Good. Surprising them with a Bonus is GREAT”. How about, when your visitor gets to the thank you page, you surprise them with an extra download – something even better than the original opt-in? No strings, nothing else required. ‘High Touching’ your prospects and clients will go a long way to building rapport and giving away a great little Freebie ‘just because’ is a great way to kick off the relationship building process.

3) Remove  the clutter.

Par it back to the most important essence of the message and get rid of everything else. Whatever is on the page, headline, image, video, caption, whatever, should enhance the core message not distract from it. Think One Message To One Audience. Forget what you’ve been told about ‘Social Proof’, social media widgets and icons only serve to distract your viewer and, worse, entice them away from the very page you want them to stay on!
There is most definitely a place for social proof but it is not on your landing page.

And remember to leave a little bit of white space around the text box and opt-in button so it is visually strong.

The golden rule here is ‘Review – Remove – Repeat’.

4) Build Trust and Security

In a world full of hype, the only way to stand out is to lead with authenticity and integrity.

A simple thing such as having your phone number clearly on display can be the vital key that convinces people you are ‘real’ and gives them the confidence to give you their details.

5) What is your Most Wanted Action?

There can only be ONE message to ONE person with ONE option to take. Any more will create confusion. And confused people leave.

Decide your Most Wanted Action for that page and make sure that everything on the page builds towards your viewer taking that ONE course of action.


As a parting ‘gift’ because I want to surprise you with Great content, here is my bonus tip for you 🙂

** Bonus Tip **

6) Visual Appeal and Brand Recognition

Make sure that your landing page is consistent and congruent with your Brand and your main website.

An obvious example – don’t make your landing page green just because you read that green landing pages have a higher conversion rate, if your main website is blue. Sure, you may get a few extra options on the front end but you will lose them on the back end because inconsistency creates confusion. And as we all know, confused people Leave!

What do you think? Do you use landing pages? What tactics or strategies have worked best for you? What landing page tips have you come across on your travels?

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Happy Online Marketing,